山村塾国際ボランティア・えがおの森メンバーの活動ブログです。This is the blog of Int'l volunteers in Egaonomorim Kurogi by Sansonjuku.

by egaonomori
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We are 2weeks away from finishing the 80 days project! The weather is getting colderand colder, and it’s not even winter.


We also hadthe opportunity to visit Kurogi elementary school and talk about out countriesto the kids, eat lunch and play games with them, I had a great time watchingthem playing one of my home country game and I hope they had fun as well.


Nearly atthe end of the week we also had the dolls/puppets festival, we helped gettingthe festival ready and cooking the fishes to sell them to the locals on thatday. We also watched the show and it was interesting but sadly we (or at leastme) couldn’t understand the whole story.


It’s almostthe end of the work camp and soon we will be returning to our countries, Ienjoyed my time here but I do miss my family and the food as well, hahaha, ourlast event will be the Harvest festival where we will be harvesting rice withthe locals and some other people, and then the farewell party for us beforeleaving Egao no Mori.

ワークキャンプも残り僅かで、もうすぐ私たちは国に帰ります。ここでの生活は楽しかったですが、家族やメキシコ料理が恋しくもあります笑 最後のイベントは収穫祭とさよならパーティーです。


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Today is good day for us. First, we have alot of guest from “NICE” members. The “NICE” members will be stay until Sunday(29/10/2017). Second, we have festival with local people in here. I don’t knowthe name about this festival, but this festival so fun. We get eat “sakana” orfish together from local farmer. Why is it fun? Yesterday, we helped local people to prepare this festival. Because ofthat we can get free eat in this festival. I eat 3 fishes and some food. I loveit this festival. We can know the local people around here. Therefore, thelocal people are so kind to us. They areso polite and friendly also.


However, “NICE” members can’t join us inthis festival. They have another schedule to cutting bamboo in forest.We can tomeet up with “NICE” members in thenight. We can get acquainted time with all members. All members who join in this project, theyare from Fukuoka Prefecture. After that, we must prepare for dinner. Do youknow? Today, we can’t use a stove because the gas is exhausted. The weather wasnot supportive; it was heavy rain in all day. Therefore, we must use atraditional grill fire. It’s like BBQ. That is good moment for us to share andtalk with all members. We cooked “okonomiyaki”, BEEF, and sop. It’s so awesome. After that, we ate togetherand shared all things in dining room. The next agenda, we have small party andmake a “volunteer season” to share about experience stay in Ea ga nomori. I amalso shared about my experience in here and describe it about my reason to jointhis program. The final agenda, we take party time to drinking sake, alcohol,soda, snack etc. I love it. That night, I drank a lot and I was drunk. It’s mysecond time I drunk like that.




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Time just flew on by. I've been here over 2 months. The closer thelast day gets, the more I appreciate everything here. The last week was astormy and humid one. We worked in the bamboo forest, cut down the old andbroken tree. It was windy and cold but my shirt was sweaty.


The day after we and local farmers made charcoal in the mountain.We carried out the old ones and continued making the new charcoal. It took aday to turn wood into charcoal so we had to stay here overnight to keep fireand maintain the temperature. Thanks for that, we enjoyed an amazing BBQ in thedark, raining and chilly out. We sat around the camp fire, drank and talkedabout everything until midnight. I fell into sleep while seeing the tongues offlame lapping the edges of the fire. Outside, the wind blew in squalls and rainwent pit-a-pat!





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Hello, I am Ikuru.
The 80 days volunteer has passed one month.
Now there are some events every week in Sansonjyuku.
I have enjoyed to learn and new encounters.

We have harvesting rice with near farmer,last week.
We cut rice where can not harvest by machine, using a scythe. I think I did not work so much, because machine work hardly. But I thought this is good to be able to interact with local people, as a volunteer to enter the area.

We did join rice harvest event in Sikisaikan. In spite of the heavy rain, many people came to this event . We went to rice field wearing Kappa. And some people cut just few rice.
Lunch is chestnut rice cooked in the shuttle and curry.
Chestnuts rice is a favorite food, I had fun.

There are more events in this month.
I'd like to wait for the next event that will be sunny.


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It was a long and busy week but full of newthings. Monday is a day-off here and the first time I had a chance to joinfirework festival in Japan. I thought I was missed because summer was alreadygone. Everything just was perfect and more than I imagined when watchingJapanese movie.


We walked in the dark with a sky full of starabove, the gentle breeze scented with rice beside us, the sound of insect. Isaw the father piggybacked the children and warm eyes from the mother. In thecorner of the road I saw some girls in cute yukata and geta were waiting forsome one, a group of student rode bicycle calling each others. This atmosphereI will never forget.



Three days later, we supported event with 23students from Kyushu University. They are young, proactive and full of energy.The made me remind of myself when I was at their age. We travelled quite earlyfrom Egao no mori to Asakura, it took 2 hours by car but the view was sobreathtaking. We passed enomours green field, acrossed mountain and approacheddeeper in the forest.


On the both side of the river, tree falleddown and broken completely, rock and soil went over the house, power poles wascollapsed, car was bounced back. What an dilapidated and ruined scene! Wehelped local people harvest rice and collected wood in the field. This was thefirst time I cut and held the bunch of yellow rice in my arm. The fragrance andpure beaty blown out all my stress and pressure. Thanks for everything!





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