This Week was again Full with different work and Events. On monday we drove like six weeks ago to Kumamoto, to do Volunteer work for local farmer, which have damage from the earthquakes. We helped a vegetable farm, havesting carots (and washing & cuting sweet potatos). For working motivation, they gave us so much coffee, "we can run the wall up".
On tuesday a company noritiomitekkojyo from Yanagawa invite us to the Hakushyu festival. We visited a art exposition, the museum from the important writer Hakushyu-san. After that we went to the festival. We spent the evening on a boat like in Venice with awesome dinner and not less of sake. We drove on the canal, between art, music bands, boat-bar's, happy people and firework. It was an amacing atmosphare!!
At thursday we supported on a doll-festival in the next village. Aiko-san from the office of Sansonjuku, played a doll.
We helped to clean the walls from the village. And again the village invite us for a huge dinner with again not less of Sake. This was one of the craziest dinner I ever joined. Actually we invited after this, the full village, to our farewell Party.
At saturday we finished the bamboo forest work. I realiced that we only have a few weeks left in Kashahara...

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Hi, my name is Tatsuya.I want to tell about an activity on this week. On October 29, we had work with KDDI Company in the forest. We joined this event, the cooperator this event is Aiko Hara.
We had meeting point in near Tsubahara-san house, then we had orientation about this work and participants. Around 10.00 am we depart to the forest. This event had around 30-40 participnts, sorry I forgot the exactly number of the participants.
Our work here is cutting trees, wild trees that disturbing the other trees.
We separated into 3 teams, each time had same work but different spot. But after lunch, 2 volunteers and some KDDI`s worker work with Miyazono-san to cutting the big trees for boiler. Also, some people help carry woods for boiler into the truck. Around 15.30 our work was finished, and we come back to the first meeting point (Tsubahara-san), and then when KDDI`s worker left, we also come back to Egaonomori.
See you!



Hi, I'm Umam from Indonesia. I'm an 80 days volunteer member in Sansonjuku, the project is called Kurogi Workcamp.

Many works we had here. In this week, closed by harvesting rice and milling rice on Sunday. Around 44 people, many kids joined this activities. We had a lot of fun with them. In the morning, we start harvest rice on Tsubaharasan's rice fields. We cut rice on rice field and tie up rice then drape it onto the bamboo. Then we ate lunch with them in Tsubaharasan's house. Not indoor but outdoor with long table and chairs. That's my first time to eat like this way.




On the afternoon, we milling rice with ancient machine. Very traditional way. We use feet and hand to turn on the machine. But, we use modern machine to separate rice and rice skin after that. The last activities that we had in this week was very fun.





Konnichiwa ! My name is Ferdi, I am from Germany and 18 years old.

Last week we did a lot of different work. We cutet old Bamboo, planted new vegetabels on the vegetable field and helped some artists to clean an old campsite and prepare it for an exposition next week.


This work made a lot of fun and it was great to work togheter with the artists from Fukuoka. Next week they are going to stay some nights in Egao no Mori during the exposition and we are looking forward to a lot of nice evenings with them.
At saturday and sunday 6 Takarabako members stayed in Egao no Mori. It was a nice time we spent together and it was a lot of fun to play dodgeball and basketball with them in the gym. Also the Saturday evening was great. We did a firework and after that we enjoyed an evening with a lot of talks and fun. In 7 days we will have our 4-days vacations and last week we started to making plans where we want to go and what we want to see.




Hello together, my name is Luca and i came from Germany.
In this week we hat a lot of different work and experience together. But i just will write about one of my biges experience of this week.

I write about Sunday 25th September. At 5:30 we wakeed up and drofe with the bus of Sansonjuku to Kumamoto. This is an aria, ther was May 2016 a  teribal earthquake.

 We suport Sumiko san,transport wood for chitake mushroom。This wood was high in the mountain and we brought down to a near forest her home. 
This stil strong women Sumiko san,can’t transprot all the wood alone. On this day we gave all 150% to transport this wood. We made to groups, one group on mountain and one in the forest.

Sumiko san show how us how strong she is. But also i could see, how exhausted she is.In this moment we want to say googbye, she go to ever one of us and say arigatou. In the same time her eys going wet.

 This was an intensive emotional moment for me. I realized how importend volutary work is. After this hard work and also emotional moment we went to hot spring and took in a resturant diner. But all the time we spoke about this emotional moment and about the eartquake in Kumamoto.

This was a special, emotional,hard and wounderfull, long day.