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by egaonomori

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Garden Work

We spent our day at Egaonomori today. In the morning, we did our best to sort out the vegetable garden. The plants had grown too close together, and we'd left them that way a little too long. Hopefully they'll be alright!

In the afternoon, we cleaned raincoats, stored tarps, and split a lot of firewood.

It takes a lot to keep this place up and running, but we love doing it!




by egaonomori | 2012-10-30 23:20

Open Duck, part two

Today was the last day of the Sansonjuk Event "Open duck"
At 8:00 already at Shikisaikan ready for this day. Before the event, we tried to rescue some onions which started to became not good! We save some Yeah (o^-^o)V
So after giving first aid to onions, we did some "surgery" ! We cut some part of duck. Some we use to eat as gizzard, neck, liver, and stuff. It is very techinical operation and will be difficult to explain here. But was fun to learn a lots. So i invite you for more information to come next year to this Sansonjuku event (^.^)

For lunch we ate some duck sashimi ! OOISHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! I have to confess that i will become soon fat here because food is soooooo good in Kasahara !

And in the afternoon, sun came back and we went to harvest mandarin orange !
We took care too of cucumber field.

I was nervous about those two days. But finally i would say that i really liked this moment.
We would say thank you to evryone for those two days. Even few kids, but nice that they were here to learn more about how we make food. We were a nice group which everyone helped everyone. Thank you Makoto-sensei and special thanks to Sho-sensei who was fighting with english !


by egaonomori | 2012-10-28 19:34

Open Duck, part one

Day 1, 27. October
Today, we arrived in shikisaikan at 8:20 to help preparing the event « open duck ». After a good round of cleaning and peeling onions for the lunch, we had an introduction about the work that was to be done. Everybody was at least a little nervous and afraid of what we were asked to do. There were about 30 ducks to be killed and having the feathers removed. At this point, i think it is better to avoid useless circumlocutions. For me, it was an experience that i'll never forget and it made me thinking a lot about this topic. Not that anybody should need to kill a duck or another animal to make proper reflections about what it means to eat meat, but forcedly i understand it much more know.

In the afternoon, we went to the hatake and harvested lots of mandarines. It was good and funny work, for the mood of the group was much better after this very impressive and also sort of depressing morning.

At the end of the work, we cleaned and went back to Egao No Mori, where the recovery-work-team prepared an excellent dinner for everybody !



by egaonomori | 2012-10-27 14:12

Cleaning for the Festival

Another rainy day today. We were scheduled to do rice harvesting, but the weather made us change to something else. CC was very sad. Instead, today, we cleaned some of the supplies we’re going to use for the festival.


The weather wasn’t really so bad, either. I did get really dirty, though.


After the daily volunteers left, we sat down to do some office work for Egaonomori. So many stamps!
Tomorrow is the first day of duck work. It’s sure to be an interesting one!
by egaonomori | 2012-10-26 23:12

Back to Takarabako

Today I work for recovery effort (...)
Aujourd'hui j'ai aidé à réparer les dommages de la tempête (...)

(...) and also for Takarabako Team ^^
(...) et aussi pour la Takarabako Team ^^

For the recovery work we have to remove some sheets, woods and metal in the soil. Very physical work. And for takarabako we cut the rice in the corner of the field because machine can't pass by this way.

Pour le travail de réparation on a du enlever du sol les morceaux de plastiques, de bois et de métal. Un travail très physique. Et pour l'équipe de Takarabako on a coupé un peu de riz sur les côtés du terrain car c'est un endroit que les machines ne peuvent atteindre.



by egaonomori | 2012-10-25 21:42

Set to Fire Bamboo Baby !

In this very fresh morning we kept doing bamboo craft. We succed and finished the 60 pieces of bamboo candles that someone asked. Yatta ! Yeah !

During the afternoon, we went to Yame city to take some fire woods. We picked out the usefull fire wood from useless branches. Looks like archeology for me. You don't know where is it and just keeping searching until you find ! Fun !

Now we had a lot of fire woods. And bamboo from our bamboo craft session. Thanks God because it become colder and colder here in Egao no Mori during night and early morning.
BREAKNEWS ! we will use for the first time the wood stove in the dinner room. Looking forward reading my book close to the fire like an Oba-chan.( ^ . - ) ~☆


Dans cette très fraîche matinée, nous avons continué à faire du bambou. Nous avons réussi à finir les 60 bougeoirs en bambou que l'on nous a commandé. Yatta !

Durant l'après-midi, nous sommes allés à Yame pour prendre du feu de bois. On sortait le bois qui était enfouis dans des tonnes de branches. Cela ressemblait un peu à de l'archéologie pour moi. Tu ne sais pas où se cache le bois, tu continues à chercher dans tout ce fouilli jusqu'à le trouver. Fun !

Maintenant nous avons pleins de bois. Et du bambou (les quelques bougeoirs ratés). Dieu merci ! Parce qu'il commence à faire de plus en plus froid ici à Egao no Mori la nuit et tôt le matin.
FLASH INFO ! On va mettre le feu à la cheminée pour la première fois dans la salle à manger. J'ai grandement hâte de lire mon livre près du feu comme une petite Mamie ! ( ^ . - ) ~☆
by egaonomori | 2012-10-24 21:17

Bambo Baby !




This Tuesday, the 23 of october, the weather was rainy, sunny and finally freezing cold after sunset. In the morning, we cleaned the kitchen. I and Romain were responsible for cleaning the cooker. Since there is a space between the cooker and the table on which it is fit in, there is a lot of crap inside from using it. I think i've seldomly seen and smelled something so disgusting in a kitchen, so it was an important job to be done.
After that, we went to the bamboo forest to harvest some trees, because we had to produce 60 pieces of bamboo-candles for an enlightment-event. In the afternoon, we cut the bamboo to the right size and tried to rub off all the dirty parts of it. The bamboo had to be done very perfectly and because we didn't have a lot of practice, we couldn't finish this day. So surely, we know what there is to be done tomorrow ! GANBARIMASU !
Bambo Baby !



by egaonomori | 2012-10-23 21:43

by egaonomori | 2012-10-21 21:54

Today was the day that we all were waiting for a long time – we visited Kurogi-machi Elementary School. For that we started making preparations in the beginning of this month, so we should have been super prepared, but as always some things happen that You cannot expect but it was actually OK (we had some problems with computers). I think it was really kind of the principal to have us there because school´s schedule is very busy, so we all really appreciate the opportunity to meet really nice Japanese students. So what we did there today? First we introduced our program what we are doing daily here (mainly recovery efforts) and showed some pictures and tools to the kids. After that we introduced our countries from we are (Estonia, France, Switzerland, USA). It seemed the kids enjoyed this part little more, they had so many questions but unfortunately as always, we did not have enough, so they had a chance to ask some questions (eg what is Your favorite flower, what is Your dream, why black bread is black etc).
After the presentations we had lunch together with the students, the food was delicious and we drank milk – ooo, happy day!!! I think we should visit school every day, hahah grin
In the afternoon we played together in the gym – I really enjoyed it and I wanted to play more and more but again, time was limited – but the most important is that everybody really enjoyed the time that we spend together and of course it was sad to say sayonara to the kids.
Written by Kristi.
Looking forward for tomorrow because then me and Romain are harvesting shiitake with Satsumi-san! And soon my Egaonomori days are ending…Time flies! Gambarimaso!!

Aujourd'hui a eu lieu un évènement que nous attendions depuis longtemps - la visite de l'école élémentaire de Kurogi-machi. Pour cela nous avons commencés les préparatifs au début du mois car nous avions besoin d'être au top pour ce rendez-vous. Mais comme d'habitude tout ne s'est pas déroulé comme prévu (nous avons quelques problèmes avec les ordinateurs). Je pense que la personne qui nous a accompagné tout au long de la journée était le principal. Le calendrier scolaire étant très chargé. Nous avons donc vraiment apprécié cette occasion de pouvoir rencontrer ces sympathiques étudiants.
Alors qu'avons nous fait là-bas aujourd'hui ? En premier nous leur avons présenté nos activités de tous les jours (principalement liées aux travaux de réparations) et nos outils de travail. Ensuite nous avons présenté nos pays respectifs (Estonie, France, Suisse, États-Unis). C'est apparemment la partie que les enfants ont le plus appréciés car ils avaient beaucoup de questions à poser. Malheureusement comme d'habitude nous n'avions pas assez de temps. Ils ont quand même réussie à poser quelques questions (votre fleur préférée, votre rêve, pourquoi le pain noir etc...).
Après ça nous avons déjeuné avec les élèves. La nourriture était délicieuse et nous avons bu du lait -ooo, happy day !!! Je pense que nous devrions visiter cette école tous les jours, hahaha :)
Au cours de l'après-midi nous avons joué ensemble dans la salle de gym : j'ai vraiment aimé ce moment là et j'aurai voulu jouer plus longtemps mais encore une fois le temps était limité.
Mais le plus important est que tout le monde est apprécié ce temps passé ensemble même si ce fut quand même triste de leurs dire adieu.
Écrit par Kristi (Traduction : Romain)
Pour demain Romain et moi allons récolter des champignons (shiitake) avec Satsumi-san ! Mon séjour à Egaonomori va se terminer bientôt... le temps passe vite ! Gambarimasho !

by egaonomori | 2012-10-16 12:02

This october the 12th, we had a kasahara festival ! We started earlier than normally, which means we started work at 8 pm, for there were many things to be done in the morning. While the others started to create the wooden signs for the kasahara matsuri, mine and Romains mission was to cook a huge load of curry for about 300 people ! We were lucky that there were more than 10 local people to join us, because there were thousands of potatoes and onions to be cut. Though, in a very japanese style, we were done with that in a crazily short time of one hour. Sometimes, the local women seemed to be like a wasps nest, for they were highspeed working like i don't know what ! So, nothing compared to our « european style - work ». After that, we had to get ready for the run - on which several people participated - from kurogi to egao no mori. In the end, all the runners joined in together at the finishing line. A lot of people were there and even the TV-Channel ! We had lots of fun and after this, we had our obento in the gymnase. After eating, there were two bands, making music, so we had a good time listening to them. To end the occasion perfectly, we had a great group picture on the playground beneath egao no mori, which was taken by a police helicopter.

After this very busy day, me and romain could enjoy some nice cigarettes and a beer outside ! OH YEAH ! <===========3 Mark


Ce 12 Octobre nous avons eu un festival à Kasahara ! Nous avons commencés plus tôt que d'habitude, ce qui explique pourquoi on a du commencer à 8h car il y avait beaucoup de choses à faire dans la matinée. Tandis que les autres s'occupaient de construire des panneaux en bois pour le festival de Kasahara, Romain et moi avons eu pour mission de préparer de grosses quantités de riz au curry pour environ 300 personnes ! Nous avons eu la chance d'avoir plus d'une dizaine de personnes de la population locale pour nous aider car nous avions des milliers de pommes de terre et d'oignons à éplucher. Malgré tout en travaillant à la manière des Japonais nous avons quand même réussi à faire ce travail de fou en une heure. Par moment les femmes de la régions me faisaient penser à des guêpes dans un nid. Leur manière de travailler comme des dingues ! Rien à voir avec notre manière de travailler en Europe. Après cela nous avons du nous préparer pour la course (sur laquelle plusieurs personnes concourraient) à partir de Kurogi jusqu'à Egao no Mori.
En fin de compte tous les coureurs ont rejoins ensemble la ligne d'arrivée. Beaucoup de monde était là et même une chaîne de tv ! Ce fut très amusant. Après ça nous avons eu notre bento dans le gymnase. Une fois ce repas terminé, deux groupes se sont produits sur scène et nous ont chantés quelques chansons. Nous avons passés un bon moment à les écouter. Pour terminer parfaitement cet événement nous avons eu une grande photo en groupe sur le terrain de foot prise par un hélicoptère de police.
Après cette journée bien remplie, Romain et moi avons pu profiter de quelques bières et cigarettes dehors ! OH YEAH ! <===========3
Mark (Traduction : Romain)


by egaonomori | 2012-10-13 00:00