山村塾国際ボランティア・えがおの森メンバーの活動ブログです。This is the blog of Int'l volunteers in Egaonomorim Kurogi by Sansonjuku.

by egaonomori
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Farewell Party - The end :'((

Today was our 80-days-volunteers Farewell Party.

First i the afternoon, we had the visit of Yame Police. If you remember, in october held the tasukiri relai organized by yame-shi police officers. It was a very funny event where we cooked with the ladies of Kasahara a curry rice for 300 persons and run for a relai !
To thank us, yame police officer came and gave us an album of all the pictures of the event. What a nice attention ! Thank you so much ! in fact we are thanksfull to police that organised this event and all kasahara people for their good mood and energy !



Then, let's get the party !!!!!!





by egaonomori | 2012-11-19 00:32


After 77 days as sansonjuku volunteers, our final work or our last enjoyable moment with Kasahara people came !

All the pour rainy days in Kasahara are far far away behind us and today sun shines in Kasahara because of the strong power and energy of a looooot of amazing people !


A lot of great artists performed on stage.
The elementary school's children brought the .... japanese thing (if someone can teach us the name of this thing lol), sung and perfomed the traditional japanese puppet. We met them when Sansonjuku volunteer went to school and played with them.I was really impressed by those cute kids.


We could enjoy too Danny Baba with his famous (only here) song Yame-shiiiiiiiiii <3
It reminded me one of our best memories of our workcamp : the tasuki relai !

And at the end of the morning, evebody release balloon in the blue sky. Very beautiful !

and them the local band : KAPTA performed and of course sung their favourite (i suppose because everytime sing this song) "Suki datta" ! Even i would sing this song lol

During Kasahara matsuri, we helped Sansonjuku stand where inushishi -wildpig, oishii pizza, shitake (mushroom) and SAKE were sale.

We 80-days-volunteers sale Kasahara Fukko T-shirt ! All size, kid, S, M, L, XL, 3 colors : orange, blue and Green ! we had to take attention of all visitors. So we shout, sing, dance, even dance with bamboo (isnt it Mike ? ) ! It worked because we sale around hundred just in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, we performed too !!! OOOoooouh ! I was so stressful. I love sing, dance, i love stage but we were so busy with the preparation of kasahara matsuri, recovery efforts that we couldn't practise a lot !
And specially, we hat to be on stage after amazing teenagers who dancing like Rihanna and breakdance !


But whatever ! we came, sung and had a LOOOOOOOT of fun !
We sung a mashup between One Love of Bob Marley and Ue o Muite (Sukiyaki song). Nao, Mariko-san, Mark, Asuka and even Murakami-san sung. Mike on guitar, Otsuka-san on percussion and Ueda-san dancing with our flag lol ! and then we danced our favourite and emblamatic dance : the Coal Miner Dance ! we invited the audience to dance too !
It was no so professionel but so much funny !

So more artist came on stage, and At the end of the matsuri, rice cake, mochi were trhrow everywhere.

Nght came, and the end too. we cleaned up evrything in the cold night and enjoyed in the warm egao no mori the dinner and said goodbye to our dear daily-volunteers which became our friends after 80-days of work together !!!

It was a wonderfull day ! We are so tired but we had so much fun !
Now it starts to become sad because it will be soon time to say goodbye :'(
Somehow KASAHARA MATSURI means the end of our unbelievable adventure in Kasahara but what a funny end ...

To be continued ...

CC シシ
by egaonomori | 2012-11-18 23:15


Today we had the evaluation of the 80 days workcamp, for we are almost done with the project and it was time for the intro-and retrospective! It was fun to see some of the pictures we made during the last 2 months, how we changed and what we did. GREAT!

After the evaluation-morning, Mike, Nao and I went to the bamboo forest to harvest some trees for the sake cups (which we need for the matsuri) and for my maki-shelves. The girls were busy painting the pipes of the tent.
In the night before dinner, we all went outside to cover the tanbo with plastic sheets, so it won't become wet when it is raining tonight!
As we were done, we enjoied and exquisite dinner blabla

Tomorrow we will prepare the tents for the matsuri, GANBARIMAS!

by egaonomori | 2012-11-16 22:46

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Another day of bad weather. It only rained intermittently, but it was certainly cold all day!

In the morning, we broke some firewood into more manageably-sized pieces, and we re-painted a lot of the tent poles. We got a surprise when a TV show crew came and interviewed us as part of their piece on Egaonomori! We got to show our stuff...or we would have, if they had not come just as we were finishing everything. Oh, well.

The afternoon had us cleaning the gym, the pipes, the work entrance...basically a lot of cleaning. And later, we'll hae even MORE cleaning. If only things could get dirty more slowly.


by egaonomori | 2012-11-14 22:41

It's raining...

Special Work

This Tuesday, the 13th of november, we had a round of « special work » to do. «special » because there will be no more recovery work in the future. What we did was cleaning and scrubbing the rust of the metal pipes for the matsuri-tents, we had an orientation about the festival, we practiced our singing-skills and organized/split firewood. All in all, we were a good team today and we were efficient. Except the weather was a little rough, for we had some hard rain and couldn't start the work as usual.


by egaonomori | 2012-11-13 22:04
Today was the last recovery work for Mike and I.
It was on the rain that we said goodbye to ken suko, kakita and baketsu riree. As Verlaine said : "Il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut dans la ville."


Differents teams worked on rice paddies, on tea field and on the preparation of Kasahara Matsuri.
I worked with Mike, our fresh new comer Asuka, our special guest from Nagasaki Kaori, our basukebu Dan and some other. We removed mud from waterways and rice field.
We worked hard and learnt A LOT !!! for exemple the french song "Aux Champs Elysées" , how to climb like a forest guard and Sora bushi japanese traditional dance.
Unfortunately we couldn't practise Sora bushi more during stretch because of the rain. But even bad weather, we were shining like strong summer sun !

Today was the end of our mainly work here. From September until November, we worked every weeks with a lot of high motivated people. We went through cultur choc, generation choc, kensuko choc XD We became kensuko professional and 休憩kyukei expert !
From now, 80-days-volunteers will start the last week at Kasahara.
HOME STRAIGHT ! Let's enjoy

Cyrielle シシ









by egaonomori | 2012-11-11 23:41 | 里山80日

Rock Harvest


Unfortunately, the rock harvest is not an epic rock concert that takes place in the harvest season, but is just a creative description of us picking rocks out of a rice field. Maybe someday we can do both.

But, for today, we enjoyed dry weather despite looming clouds as we cleared a number of fields of rocks. Because the disposal site was so far from the fields, we had to load big bags of them in a truck. It was very heavy work for most people. I had a lot of fun, though.

We all got to dig into a big bag of fresh clementines, though. They were SUPER sweet. I think Mark must have eaten something like 10 of them. I only had like two or three. What can I say? I'm a reserved person. Also, we ran out.

I'll try to edit in some pictures soon...


by egaonomori | 2012-11-11 21:42
Second day for our new team co-worker !

After shining with the sun, Egao no Mori new style team took care of our lovely Hatake (vegetable field), and then worked on fierwood maki this morning. New shelf was done and lot of wood were split. We also worked on our small garden in front of the entrance. It has been such a big mess there : the japanese Amazon jungle (^O^) ! Before some work has been done, but this jungle was soooo big that we need four brave volunteers : Mike, Nao, Asuka and I (Mark was working on the new shelf for maki) to cut this big forest. Well we didn't finish yet but looks better now ! Yeah !






In the afternoon we went to Green pier Yame in Kurogi where since 2008 the 80-days-volunteers worked to make footpaths in the forest. It was really nice to admire the work of our "egao no mori sempai". Because of the July disaster, the 80-days-volunteers workcamp works mainly to help Kasahara recovery work and hadn't got the chance to work on footpath. And maybe we should come again next year and enjoy this work ! why not ...




After a nice walk in the autumnal red-orange forest, we enjoy japanese onsen !!!!
we are now clean, ate oishii yamecha (yame green tea) ice cream on the way back and waiting of delicious kare raisu <3

To be continued . . .


by egaonomori | 2012-11-07 18:35

JAPANESE !!!!!!!!!!

Special at Egao no Mori : Big Cleaning in the morning !!!!!
and then we had the chance to learn more about Japanese culture during the afternoon.
>> First Ikebana (japanese floral arrangment) introduction.
>> Calligraphy with Mori-sensei

At the end of the day, still more japanese touch ! Our two new team members came. We are very happy to welcome then !!!!!!!!!!
We started to get to know each other. And around our fried rice that we all cooked, we enjoyed the first moment of the new egao no mori team

by egaonomori | 2012-11-05 00:51

Recovery work at Shikisaikan

Today Mark and I went to Shikisaikan.
Mark worked in the rice paddies. He removed with the daily volunteers a lot of stones in the mud.






I worked in the damaged flower field. Daily volunteers and I removed all the trash which came. We could find a lot of differents stuffs as cable, vinyl, wood ... It was pretty the same work as on the 25th and 20th of October. So well, we become very very expert (^.^)b





We were lucky today. It was raining at the end of the day.

To be continued ...



by egaonomori | 2012-11-04 18:21