山村塾国際ボランティア・えがおの森メンバーの活動ブログです。This is the blog of Int'l volunteers in Egaonomorim Kurogi by Sansonjuku.

by egaonomori
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Hi, I’m Kasumi. I’m from Kagoshima prefecture.I’m join 80days work camp.

I have came to Fukuoka prefecture but I don’tknow the place that has beautiful nature.

I work with two work camp members now. It isa homely atmosphere. It is difficult for me to communicate by English. I’m surprisedby cultural differences but the new discovery is interesting. Finally I can thinkby English in my brain than 1week ago.

Usually we cut grass, maintenance field, plantseeds and harvest farm products. We were taught how to use grass cutter. To usethe machine is difficult but the time pass sson when I use it. The other day weharvested onion for the fast time for me, I was impressed.

Ididn’t work outside when I worked at the office, so my body still can’t getused to this lifestyle. But it is happy for me to work in the nature.

I willdo my best!


by egaonomori | 2017-05-26 21:54


15 jours que je suis ici.

J’ai pu voir beaucoup de chose depuis monarrivee.

D’abord, le BBQ dont je parlais la dernierefois… plusieurs membres de Sonsanjuku c’etaient reuni pour me souhaiter labienvenue, c’etait tres sympa… je n’ai pas pu refuser de gouter au sake J

En suite, nous avons recu une douzaine depersonnes pendant deux jours, pour un evennement autour du the ou nous avonsete inite aux differentes methodes, manuelles et mecaniques, de cueillette etde sechage. Nous avons egalement visiter une manufacture familiale ou chaquecultivateur viens faire secher son the, ainsi qu’une autre plus grande, unesorte de cooperative, comme pour le vin en France.

Plus tard, un autre evennement, cet foisautour du riz ou nous avons cet fois ete inite au semi.

A chaque fois, les gens se sont montre tresaccuillants.

Et entre temps, j’ai pu couper beaucoupd’herbe avec la debroussailleuse>

Ah oui ! Et Tyako, une des chevres, a eutrois chevreaux il y a cinq jours, ils grandissent vite, ils sautent dejapartout.

15 days that I am here.

I have seen a lot since my arrival.

First of all, the BBQ I was talking aboutlast time ... several members of Sonsanjuku were gathered to welcome me, it wasvery nice ... I could not refuse to taste the sake

Some days after, we received a dozen peoplefor two days, for an event around the tea where we were initiated to thedifferent methods, manual and mechanical, picking and drying. We also visit afamily factory where each farmer comes to dry his tea, as well as another larger,a kind of cooperative, as for wine in France.

Later, another event, this time around therice where we were this time inite to the semi.

Every time, people were very welcoming.

And in the meantime, I was able to cut alot of grass with the brush cutter>

Ah yes ! And Tyako, one of the goats, hadthree kids, five days ago, they grow up fast, they jump already everywhere.








by egaonomori | 2017-05-09 21:37 | 里山80日